Solar technology is very well known in the market today, with many different styles and shapes to suit all homes and tastes. We offer a wide range of different technologies to ensure our customers get the best possible solution.

As well as sourcing new and innovative technologies we ensure our customers get the best price possible with our high quality workmanship. Our range consists of two different types of panels, one provides electricity which can also power your boiler know as Solar PV and one which solely provides heat known as Solar Thermal.

Why Solar PV?

Solar PV panels are the most popular on the market as they generate electricity to power your boiler and your home. They consist of photovoltaic cells which are usually made of two layers of doped crystalline silicon. These photovoltaic (PV) cells are then sandwiched between two layers of glass to form a photodiode arranged so photons from the sunlight hit the upper layer and bounce off creating a direct flow of electrons across the cell, or a DC current as it is more commonly known. This power can then be used as it is, or converted into an AC charge for other uses.

In the UK, solar photovoltaic panels are usually mounted on buildings or built into appliances. This generates electricity close to where it is needed, improving efficiency because there is little transmission loss. There are many kinds of Solar PV products available in different colors, styles, sizes and for different applications.

There are three different options for installations available these are on roof, building integrated and ground based.

Despite the weather often being cloudy or overcast, solar PV panels are still very effective in the UK producing electricity even when it is cloudy. From a typical system, you can expect to produce around 50% of your electricity needs annually. Also on sunny days you are likely to produce surplus electricity which can be sold back to the national grid to earn you money. 

What we offer?

We offer a wide range of panels and technologies for all types of applications and ensure we source the best quality panels at the best possible price to ensure the highest quality affordable option.

The CRB difference

We strive to be different to our competitors and offer our clients the leading technologies and a wide range of panels such as solar windows, slate panels and many more.  This means we can tailor our solutions specifically to each clients specification and offer a very different approach to other companies.

Why Solar Thermal?

Solar thermal panels absorb energy from the sun and transfer it to your water heating system.  Modern materials and technology have made this simple idea more efficient by optimizing the process of trapping and retaining as much of the suns heat as possible.

Solar thermal panels absorb radiant heat from the sun, which warms up a special fluid passing through the panel in copper pipes.  The warmed fluid is then pumped through a coil inside a hot water tank to heat stored water.  Solar water heating systems can be made to fit into domestic heating systems relatively easily, with most common systems using a heat exchanger.

Solar water heating systems are generally designed to work in conjunction with another water heating system, such as a gas, oil, or biomass boiler.  An average system might provide almost all of your hot water over the summer months, even on cloudy days.  Throughout the rest of the year the system will preheat the stored water to varying temperatures which will then be brought up to full temperature by the boiler. Overall, on an annual basis, solar water heating systems should provide around 40% - 60% of total hot water consumption.

Who for?

Solar heating is ideal for any building that requires a large hot water load, for example; hotels, restaurants, breweries, nursing homes, public pools, farm dairies, schools with kitchens and swimming pools or large sports halls, campsites, sports and social clubs etc. Commercial properties are the best applications for Solar Thermal as these can produce the greatest savings due to the large usage of hot water.

Other commercial buildings usually find photovoltaic to be a more suitable system, unless in a new build or refurbishment where solar can be linked to heating.

What we offer?

We can combine many panel designs and styles to suit all types of commercial buildings ranging from solar roof windows which are ideal for installation in pools to solar windows in large multi-story buildings like hospitals. We ensure that as well as effectiveness we also focus on aesthetics to ensure the panels blend into the property as best as possible.

The CRB unique integrated system can produce up to 50% savings on your heating bills and qualify you for the RHI income* from the government.

Payback is typically 3 to 6 years and can be as low as 2 years. It can provide you with limit-less hot water.


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