Lighting typically accounts for approx 30% of all electricity usage in the UK. Substantial savings can be made by switching to energy efficient lighting. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that installing a low energy light will save up to 9 pounds and up to 38 Kilograms of CO2 per year. We offer low energy lighting for all buildings and industries, so you can earn savings wherever and whoever you are.

Why Low Energy Lighting?

Our low energy lamps are very efficient with an output of up to 95 lumens per watt for the larger lamps which dramatically reduces energy costs. One of the benefits of this is that the lamps run comparatively 'cool'. This extends the life of the lamp, the housing and the control gear. We often see external lights with an 'opaque' lens; this is caused by the enormous heat from the lamp damaging the lens. This does not happen with CRB eco energy lamps. CRB eco energy lights lamps are 'instant light' and don't require any cooling down time, which makes them ideal for use with sensor controls.

The benefits?

Along with the large savings, the bulbs are almost Maintenance free with bulb lasting up to 30years, instant light and no cooling down period needed.  CRB eco energy lights have no moving parts, the tube is completely sealed and there is no filament to burn away or fail. As a consequence the lamps have a warranty of five years and an expected life of 75,000 to 100000 hours.┬áMany of the CRB eco energy kits we provide can be retro- fitted into existing lamp fittings. This makes the conversion very cost effective, and it also helps your carbon reduction strategy.

What we offer?

We install CRB eco energy efficient T5 tubes in all types of offices, call centers, hospitals, shops, universities, trading floors the list is endless. This energy efficient and cost effective upgrade will slash your energy costs, reduce maintenance costs and improve the quality of your lighting. Often CRB Eco energy survey highlights lighting deficiencies, for example in a dentists surgery, specialist polarizing wave lengths will significantly improve the working environment and low energy saves large sums of electrical consumption.

CRB Eco energy will ensure that the existing lighting circuits are to standard, in good working order prior to the installation process. This work may include the replacement of any wiring within the fitting that has suffered heat damage. We can build the price of this into our installation cost so there are no nasty surprises at the end of the day. Once complete, you can expect many years of trouble free service from the light fitting. The major cause of damage to light fittings is heat. It degrades the wiring and the lamp holders. Excessive heat will also reduce the life of the tubes themselves.

CRB Eco Energy quality control starts at the design stage. We specify the components used inside the CRB Eco energy products, by using top quality components from the world leaders in their respective fields enabling us to supply first class-leading products.


Total savings in electricity usage will vary dependant on the mix and type of existing fittings installed. Typical savings of 50 % are common and when more tailored designs are implemented savings of 75-85% have commonly been achieved.

Pay back periods therefore vary from the best say one and a half to two years, very rarely exceeding 4-5 years.
Lifestyle factors also influence total power saved, for example industrial applications commonly have 24/7 lighting 365 day per year. If lights are on for over 8000 hours a year, large sums of electricity are saved if low energy devices are installed.

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