Making some small improvements to your property can dramatically improve your energy efficiency resulting in large cost savings. There are many ways we can help you do this to make ensure you make the most out of you heat and power generated, these small charges can make a large difference to your bills.

All properties can obtain an energy performance certificate, this indicates where you property lies on the scale of how energy efficient it is. The more efficient the property the greater the savings that can be achieved, this also increases the value and saleability of the property as many people in the current market are looking for a property with low running costs.
Below is a typical energy performance rating scale, the scale analyses the current rating of your property and identifies the potential rating with energy efficiency improvements made:


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What we Offer

We firstly conduct an Energy efficiency survey to identify where your property currently lies, and then can identify what rating it could be raised to by making improvements. We match the best possible improvements for your property and can calculate how much you could be saving by making these improvements.


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a very efficient way of heating the rooms of a house. It is relatively cheap to install, there are no radiators or heaters on show, there is no maintenance, and the heat is distributed evenly around the rooms. 

With a typical domestic network of radiators, most of the energy is wasted heating the room at ceiling height. By the time that expensively warmed air descends back into the living space, it has already lost a lot heat and it causes draughts. Underfloor heating warms the air just above the floor and that warm air then rises through the living space cooling as it rises. Very little energy is therefore wasted 

Under floor heating requires less energy to heat a space than traditional radiators, reducing energy costs on average between 15% and 40%. They are simple to install and can be combined with other heat distribution systems where necessary.

Our underfloor heating systems will not raise your floor levels. It goes where you need it, so you can fit it into bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories or any other room in your house. The flexible design of CRB systems makes it easy to work around existing fixtures or cramped floor layouts. Installing electric underfloor heating takes only a few hours and there is no need to dig up the floor and no messy concrete work.

Low Energy Lighting

Lighting typically accounts for approx 30% of all electricity usage in the UK. Substantial savings can be made by switching to energy efficient lighting. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that installing a low energy light will save up to £9 and up to 38 Kilograms of CO2 per year. We offer low energy lighting for all buildings and industries, so you can earn savings wherever and whoever you are CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE


Eighty per cent of energy used in homes is for heating. Turning down your thermostat, installing good insulation can help cut your fuel bills and your carbon emissions.
We offer a variety of insulation to domestic, commercial and public sector clients:

Insulation can amount to huge savings for any property, as it keeps energy in rather than letting it out through poorly insulated properties. We use the most energy efficient products on the market to ensure you the biggest savings to suit any budget. Having the correct insulation in your property is one of the most efficient ways to save money on heating costs, having a well insulated property will save you hundred of pounds of your bills.

Heat Recovery System

We can install an air system that completely changes the air in the property once every 2 hours replacing the stale damp air with fresh, warm, dry and filtered air.  According to ‘Which’ magazine, modern homes suffer 10 times more air pollution inside than out so a heat recovery system can tackle this problem. The heat exchanger ensures the outgoing hot air heats up the incoming fresh air, this saves heating bills and the heat is being collected and reused saving it being heated twice.

Other Improvements

The above improvements are the most common solutions we offer to our customers; often though there are other improvements we can offer that are better matched to your property. We will identify the best possible improvements that will generate your home or business the largest savings.  These additional improvements are identified often surveying the property and producing an energy efficiency rating.  CALL US TODAY TO SEE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU .


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