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Biogas CHP Units

We also offer biogas CHP units, these can provide both heat & power for your property.

Digestion plants produce a biogas which has high methane content, approximately 50-70%. This otherwise environmentally harmful gas is a rich fuel that can drive a CHP unit generating both heat and electricity. This can be used as an off-grid option for your property, which can use waste to generate heat and power, thus saving a considerable amount. The way biogas CHP works is by using an anaerobic digester to produce the biogas, this biogas is then used to power the CHP unit, providing all your properties heat & power.

Biogas can be produced from crop or organic material: Energy crops for biogas production can include:

Triticale Alternatively other organic materials such as waste products may be used including:










The Paradox™ range
The range includes a varying size of system to meet all demands, we analyse your current and previous bills and KW usage to determine which system would generate you the largest costs savings and tune this specifically to your requirements to ensure maximum savings.


* Do you have a larger property with an oil or LPG fired boiler ?

* Would you like us to help you reduce your ever rising utility energy costs ?

* We have very efficient CHP systems which dramatically reduce running costs

* These systems not only provide your hot water but also generate electricty

* Up to 60% energy bill savings can be made, a payback of 5 years is possible

* Call us for a free, no obligation desktop viability survey on your property

We have launched a range of dual energy systems know as the Paradox that provide all your heat and power for your property and could save you 60% on your energy bills . Our systems are some of the most efficient in the UK and are an affordable solution to dramatically cut your energy costs. Using CHP proven technology we have been able to supply one of the most efficient ranges on the market today.

What is CHP?

Combined heat and power technology have long been used to reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions in commercial buildings all over the world.

The Paradox is a heat and power engine driven by gas. The one machine provides both your electricity and heat for your property. Connecting to a gas supply to power its engine this then drives both a generator to produce electricity and a heat exchanger to provide your central heating.

Why CHP?

The Paradox produces all your property's needs in one process, and is a direct replacement for your boiler. By generating your electricity at the same time as your heating and hot water you can expect savings between £4000 - £10,000 on your heating and electricity bill on a typical Paradox system cutting up to 60% on your current energy bill.

On-Grid Power

A benefit of the Paradox connected to the grid is that the electricity generated that you do not used can be sold back to your electricity company for a tax-free and inflation linked price. The benefits of being connected to the grid mean the excess power needed will be taken from here depending on which is more cost efficient.

Off-Grid Power

CHP can also be powered off grid, meaning there is no reliance on the grid for any power. We tune the machine specifically to your demand to ensure the system will cover all your heating and electricity demands even in cases where a large excess would be needed.

The Paradox™ range

The Paradox can run on mains gas, biogas or propane allowing it to be a flexible power source. It senses your property's requirements and ensures it meets all your heating and electricity demands, while burning the minimum fuel needed. The system uses the most efficient process in order to ensure the largest energy and cost savings for you.

Our Paradox Micro-CHP range varies in size to allowing you the maximum return on investment and producing the highest savings for each installation. We analyse previous heating and electricity bills, reviewing your current price per KW to ensure the correct Paradox system is tuned specifically to your needs.