There is a continuing demand to produce evermore efficient heating devices with the equally important reduction in carbon emissions. We have created a boiler that does just that, our boilers are the most efficient on the market and can generate customer's large savings in comparison to a traditional boiler. We have done this by changing the way in which the boiler generates the heat and maintains a level temperature, meaning the boiler is at the highest possible efficiency.

The Paradigm boiler range

The Paradigm range combines high efficiency and high performance with exceptional 'green' credentials. The Paradigm range is design and developed with the customer in mind. The range includes a variety of sizes from small homes to large commercial properties. Our Paradigm has the reliability, efficiency and cost savings to our customers depend on, so they can rest assured that you have only the best in your property.

Our systems significantly lower carbon emissions and reduce wear and tear on components, making our boilers more reliable and servicing quicker and easier. They automatically adapt their output to meet heat requirements more effectively.

The systems can lower fuel bills and fewer boiler ignitions, meaning even less gas consumption and greater reliability.

There are choices of power outputs in the Paradigm range between 40kW up to 200KW to satisfy the heat and hot water requirements of most medium and large size properties, with swimming pools being heated with very large cost savings.

Why energy efficient boilers?

The Paradigm can produce all the heating for your property and at a far more cost effective rate as the alternative conventional boiler you are currently using. As well as cutting your fuel costs it significantly reduces your carbon footprint, by employing the highest efficiencies on the market today.

The system is a very simple way of reducing the energy bills of clients who burn either mains gas, or burning of grid oil or LPG. The properties which are not attached to mains gas can enjoy even greater financial savings.































What are the differences between a conventional boiler and the Paradigm?

Much like a conventional boiler, the Paradigm range operates using stored hot water. However, there are important differences between the two.

1) Increased energy extraction from the fuel. Paradigm's unique combination of technologies employed, means we extract far more energy per unit volume of fuel than any other heating devices currently in the domestic and small commercial arena.

2) Significant reduction of energy expended to raise water temperature. We further optimise the heat production process by a process of waste heat reduction again using innovative technology to transfer the max energy to the water system heating your property.


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